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The Dangers of Typical Body Soaps and The Body Ecology Recommendations Instead

These are just a few of the ingredients found in commercial body soaps. Is your morning shower actually a hazardous chemical shower? It may be if you’re not choosing your body soaps carefully! Find out the natural soaps to use instead. What are these chemicals, and are they really necessary for cleanliness? If you’re concerned about reducing the number of dangerous chemicals and toxins you expose your body to, you need to know about typical body soaps.

Eliminating processed foods, choosing organically grown, pesticide-free produce, and seeking out hormone-free meats from pasture-fed animals is a wonderful start – but it’s not enough!

You can’t completely escape all the toxins your body is exposed to in our modern world, but you can make better choices wherever possible. Do Unto Your Skin as You Would Into Your Body!

Give serious thought to what you’d put on your skin — as much as you would to what you’d put into your mouth. Why? Your skin covers up to 20 square feet of your body and is a living, breathing organ. It is your body’s first line of defense against harmful substances. Your skin is a protective mechanical barrier for your internal organs and muscles. It also excretes waste products and excess salts from your body through sweat and tears. Your skin is also meant to absorb substances that are good for you, like Vitamin D from the sun, or healing herbals, and essential oils.

So of course, your skin can also absorb substances that are BAD for you! When your skin absorbs harmful chemicals, their toxins can lodge into your cells, tissues, and muscles, and eventually overwhelm your entire immune system. A weakened immune system can no longer do its’ real job of defending you against disease-causing viruses, bacteria, fungal infections like candida yeast, cancer, and many other serious conditions.

Most important, doing everything you can to remove dangerous toxins from your body is essential if you want to create healthy babies! For more information on why some toxins could even be a cause of autism, ADD, and other disorders, read: Why Your Body Needs to Cleanse, (and The Surprising Signs That it Cleansing) Part I

Common chemicals in body soap can cause the following health risks1:

  • Benzaldehyde: Depresses the nervous system, and brings on dizziness, vomiting, and sudden drops in blood pressure if inhaled.

  • Benzyl Acetate: Eye and lung irritant, and known carcinogen that has been associated with pancreatic cancer.

  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS): Breaks down fats, and impairs the skin's ability to maintain moisture. Classified as a “mutagen” meaning it can alter genetic material in cells.

  • Ethanol: On the EPA’s hazardous waste list! Can irritate the respiratory tract and cause vision impairments and loss of muscle control

  • Linalool: Narcotic substance that can harm your respiratory system and motor activity. Can also attract bees, which would be a problem for those of you allergic to bees.

Again, this is just a short list to give you an idea. The good news is, that you have plenty of healthy natural soaps to choose from! Here are some tips for picking the best body soaps: Feed your skin the best natural ingredients with these body soaps:

  • Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap for your body, hair, and even your laundry!

  • Khadi natural body soaps for herbs that relieve tension, heal your skin, and relax your moods with aromatherapy!

  • Read ingredient labels! Avoid animal or petroleum-based soaps with artificial fragrances, or chemicals.

  • Look for natural soaps with organic herbs, or plant-based ingredients. They should contain pure essential oils, olive, palm, or coconut oils as a base.

Natural soaps are also better for our planet because they don’t harm the environment after they go down the drain! We especially like these Khadi handmade body soaps with natural ingredients and pure essential oils proven to have healing effects on the skin:

  • Neem Tulsi Soap has skin healing properties.

  • Sandal Turmeric Soap is naturally cooling.

  • Rose-Sandal Soap relieves tension and tired muscles.

  • Jasmine Cheese Soap is relaxing, stress relieving, and anti-depressive.

Try any of the Khadi natural body soaps for a dose of skin health AND aromatherapy! For other great options, check out Dr. Bronner’s Soaps which are organic,100% natural, scented with essential oils, and eco-friendly. Next time you take your morning shower, love the skin you’re in by “feeding” it a healthy diet of natural soap! It’s just one more way to support your overall good health AND the health of our planet. Source:

  1. “Coming Clean-The Hidden Dangers in Common Soap” by Siegel-Maier, Karyn. Originally published in Better Nutrition Magazine

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