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I would like to say Thank You God for my health and healing and allowing me to be able to share with other's that may suffer in silence. I'm Mrs. Lindell Styron Davis, A Christian, A Wife to Emilio Davis, A Mother of 5 incredible children; 3 adult daughters and 2 young gentlemen. I'm a business owner, an entrepreneur, an encouragement speaker, An Author of Poetry in Colors of Life in The International Library and just retired in retail of 23yrs.

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My Story

          I started having heavy bleeding, bad cramps that's very sharp and headaches on top of backaches. When I went for my routine annual pap smear. The Dr. notice white spots on my cervix. He clipped them off and did a freeze dry treatment and for the next 10 days I would have to wear pads because the treatment would freeze the cervix and when it unthawed. I would have a cloudy rotten fluid that would come out. Every 4 to 6 weeks I would have to return to the Dr. for follow-up and treatment again; because white spots would come back and fast forward to my 30 plus yrs.


          My cycle had a mind of it's on because one month it's normal the next heavy then no cycle at all for months. For yrs. I used pads and then I switched to tampons not knowing that I was actually doing more harm. Why I say this is because my bleeding increased with terrible cramps, not eating and back pain was unbearable. Not to mention that I had 6 pregnancy and 5 living. All of our children was born very premature to a few weeks early to one full term. Very healthy body and did everything right that the Dr.'s said and no one could figure it out why I was having pregnancies issues. Now that I'm in my 40 plus. I have had some challenges you all. My cycle was on time every month then came January of 2019 no cycle; Feb. no cycle. March came a little spotting then it stop.


          Around the middle of March 2019 my cycle came back with a vengeance. It scared me! I felt a lot of pressure and as soon as I sat down on the toilet; nothing but golf ball size clothing clumps coming out. The toilet bowl was full of it. Sometimes it would squirt out fast and when I tried to have hubby look; he would pass on that. Anytime I would laugh, a slight cough or moving a certain way; their I go trying to get to the toilet to try not to be embarrassed. Even at the get together in Atlanta, GA on March 17th 2019 with fellow partners; I had on 3 pads and couldn't even enjoy myself. I had an emergency appt. and the nurse though I was going through menopause. When the Dr. went to examine; she was shocked and nervous because she never experience anything like that.


          As I was on the table; the clots and clumps started oozing out and hear it hitting the floor. The Dr.'s words was " OH MY" YOU ARE RIGHT!!! I had an ultrasound done and they found a 5cm fibroid that was reeking havoc. In the meantime; I was having 23 days of menstrual cycle. My blood count was dropping. Every week my husband was taking me for lab work to keep up with my blood count level. I was put on iron meds 3 times a day and had to pay close attention for any warning signs because my count went from a normal 9 to a 5 which was low and dangerous. Now I was still wearing store brought 3 pads at a time. In June of 2019 my husband and I went to our Atlanta, GA event to celebrate with our business partners of New product which was Jewel now is Reign. On the way to Atlanta, GA we had to stop every 30min. to 1hr. to check or change because of my issues with my cycle. That's coming from North Carolina a 7hr. drive was about a 10hr. drive.


          Now let me tell you! When we got the new sanitary napkin; I was like a kid in the candy store or a person that loves cake!!! As soon as I put on the Reign Super Heavy Flow heading back to North Carolina. It was a sign of relief I tell you; after 30 minutes, my cramps had stopped. My back aches had stop. And most of all; my cycle was starting to flow from extreme heavy to medium. My husband kept asking me do he need to stop so I can check. I kept saying NO! I'M GOOD!! After 4hrs. of driving he stop so I can check to make sure and I was GOOD!!! I tell you. No clots or clumps. Since June of 2019 my cycle has been up and down but no golf ball clots or clumps. No extreme heavy bleeding, No cramps to very very light cramps. No smell at all. I have no menstrual symptoms at all. I have to pay close attention with my cycle days; because it'll come on with no symptoms. With using Reign pads and the liners when cycle is not on helps a lot ladies. LOVE ME SOME REIGN!!! 


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